Momentum Machines

Gourmet Hamburger-making Robots: The Next Gen of Fast Food

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I really like the idea of disrupting fast food with fast preparation through technology. This isn't a digital product, but I think the world of robotics has a lot to teach us about design and innovation.
I met one of the co-founders, Steven Frehn, a few years ago. My face lit up when he told me they were building hamburger-building robots. Expect more tech innovation spreading into B&M/restaurant businesses.
I think also because of Google's interest in robotics we will see some more things like this...what I like is that this is a "micro-use" of robotics. I, for one, welcome our new hamburger-making robot overlords.
I just hate that it puts so many people out of work. Yes, they may be lower paying jobs, but people still need that kind of work to live.