Private Photo Diary for iPhone

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Can I add photos I've already taken?
@sempler No. Moments is really minimalistic app, please see:
@uxboy Bummer! Love the simplicity, but would love to be able to add older Moments.
@sempler Thank you! It should be in a new version of the app.
So basicly "Moments" start only when you begin to use the app. They should add history moments also
@peterfischerflo Thank you Peter, this is something that should be in version 2.0. Stay tuned.
This is basically exactly what I've been looking for. A personal photo album of the moments that stand out in my life. Basically to replace the shoebox of Polaroids under my bed- One photo from Paris trip. One photo of my love. I have sooooo many photos and Instagram isn't quite the right thing. Sadly I edit all my photos in VSCO and I want my moments photos to look as good so I won't actually use this till I can import from album, hope this happens as I'm super excited about the app! :)
@jedgar I like Heyday ( for that. But, I'll check this out too.
@McCroden Hi Stuart, Heyday is really good app, I tried it before, but it contains ALL your photos, not the best ones.
Love the simplicity of the whole UI :)
Pretty cool. Does the app is available on Android ?