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Hi everyone! First of all, thank you for checking out our new app, Moments :) As our lives become more and more busy, we tend to lose track of what we are actually doing and how much time we spend on it. 'A time tracking app? That's no novelty!' you might say. Yes, you're right, but Moments has an edge. Automation. Moments can help you detect your daily activities, without you having to actually input anything! Depending on your needs, 'smart timers' will use Wifi monitoring, GPS tracking, motion sensing and time-of-day resolution to help you track your time! (Btw it's all confined within your phone, we have no idea how many hours of TV you watch) We are open to feedback and answering any questions you might have, thanks! :D
Fantastic! Added to my Quantified Self collection. Is there an option to export the data (to visualize with Processing etc)?
@lehrjulian Thank you! There is an option to export your data to a CSV file (which you can receive by email), which will contain: 1) The start time of your 'moments' 2) The end time of your 'moments' 3) The name of the activity corresponding to that time interval
@lehrjulian If you have any suggestions for graphs/charts you'd like in the app please let us know and we'd be happy to consider adding them to the main functionality but the exporting data function is of course always there if you'd prefer that.
There's a Facebook app with the same name!
@francofacioni we released Moments about 2 weeks before that came out. They're trying to copy us ;-)
Nicely done! Are you going to release an iOS version?
@artboiko Thank you very much! We are not developing an iOS version just yet, but we might do so in the future if we deem it's worth it economically.
Brilliant guys, I've wandered if something like this existed and boom there it is on the Mighty Product Hunt! All the best!
@garywillmott Thanks Gary! We're continuously working to improve it so any suggestion or feedback is always appreciated!