Moment for macOS

Countdown & Count Up, Time Progress, Life

Moment is a Menu Bar and Notification Center based countdown app to help you remember the most memorable days of your life.
✓ Countdown
✓ Past Event
✓ Time Progress
✓ Life (Age)
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2 Reviews5.0/5
@creativewang This would make a perfect iOS 14 widget
@scottfwalter Thank you Scott! We're thinking a lot on iOS 14 widget, but there still has a lot potential we can experiment on macOS, like a full-screen animation to celebrate your birthday like twitter.
Congratulations on the launch!! 💕💕 Very cute app, really love the way you can switch between layouts and share events. Personally I am quite scared about the birthday and year progress one 😦, but otherwise I was recently looking for clean minimal countdowns for deadlines, milestones and conference dates, so Moment came in at the right time. Looks like it’s gonna do the job, will definitely keep it around for a while.
@bogdaaaamn Haha, mabybe everyone will scared about the age and year progress, but for 2020, oh god! please just delete this year!
Love this. Almost purchased it but then realized it doesn't yet work as a Big Sur widget. Will definitely purchase it once that's supported!
@johnzach02 Thank you Zach! I love Framer! We need to research the possibility on Big Sur new widget, if it could be works, we'll definitely implement on it.
Love the landing and the product. Do you plan on creating mobile apps? Because that'd be amazing
@suibinhong We do, but after tweaking for macOS.
Great.Congratulations on the launch!!