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#2 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2015

moltin’s simple, powerful APIs let you bring amazing commerce experiences to life, everywhere consumers interact with your brand. Less code. Better experiences.

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Hi all, Co-founder here! Our team spent years working with eCommerce, and we got more and more disenfranchised with the current state of the available platforms as time went on. We found them to be bloated, inflexible and required constant maintenance. This was no fun and made our jobs unbearable! We wanted to separate the backend storage and eCommerce logic from the frontend. Allowing designers and developers to have total freedom to create any frontend they can imagine. We thought it would be really cool to be able to build a feature rich storefront with just javascript. An API based approach would allow us to do just that. We’ve been in beta for over 18 months while we’ve built out our feature set and infrastructure and we’re now rolling out version 1.0! We would love to know what you think and we’re happy to answer any questions :)
@ajsturrock looks good! Do you use Parse as the backend? The pricing tiers and page style look similar.
@ajsturrock @goceli We don't no. We did take inspiration though, we really loved how they simplified their pricing for what can be (generally) a very complicated model.
Product demo with video would be very useful! Just saying :)
@shahocean Will over at LearnCode Academy did a great one a week ago!
We're going to be using you all in the next couple of days! Thanks!
@dougdidntdoit sounds good, just get in touch if you need anything
Love this idea. We're a team of developers building an ecom apparel company and after finding ourselves spending too much time hacking on Spree, found Shopify to be a wonderful solution. Shopify's limits are that it is a hosted platform - so it can't accommodate a lot of customization. Very curious to see how this works to build ecom functionality into native mobile apps. Do you guys allow ecom companies to securely store customer payment info a la Amazon? Any integrations on the roadmap for warehouse/fulfillment software like ShipStation?
@wsul We're actually testing token billing right now with a number of gateways and should have more information on that in the next few weeks. We have a lot of integrations on the roadmap and ShipStation is one of them. The roadmap is a little in flux at the moment, but if you need it soon it'd be very easy to add using our webhooks, happy to discuss if you'd like to email