MOFT Laptop Stand

World’s first invisible laptop stand


MOFT is the lightest adhesive laptop stand around, tailored perfectly for mobile working. It comforts your neck and shoulders anywhere you work. MOFT is a product following “Invisible design” philosophy: unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried. It acts as a natural, seamless appendage of your computer.

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Jamie Galbreath
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  • Yang Wang
    Yang WangCo-founder of LemoreLab

    Weighing a mere 2.3 oz, and only 1/9” thick. So you just might forget you’re carrying MOFT around with you.


    Sometimes i fold it up, it not very flat, so if thinner will be better.

    Not to mention that MOFT’s color options and subtle design make it so seamless a computer accessory that it’s practically invisible, while its adhesive quality means it can attach and reattach easily without ever leaving a mark.

    Yang Wang has used this product for one month.
  • Cara Lime
    Cara LimeSuperLime

    easy to carry

    lightweight and slim

    better cooling my working laptop

    reusable- peel off and attach on

    2 level adjustable height

    space saving


    Instruction or manual needed

    Only one color(Grey) available at that time

    Only 2 level adjustment, expect for more flexible adjustments

    Found this incredible stand on 1/8 from CES 2019.

    Fell in love with this laptop stand immediately.

    I can't wait for the other color options and height adjustable options.

    Cara Lime has used this product for one week.
  • Julianna He
    Julianna HeChina-U.S. marketer

    don't have to take an extra laptop stand


    not found yet

    search kickstarter moft stand to know more about it!

    Julianna He has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    looks cool... Helps a lot


    nothing so far

    just bought one and I'm glad I don't have to use a book under my mac book anymore :D

    Nicholas Delkeskamp has never used this product.