Module Framework

Build static responsive websites playfully.

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@kwdinc thanks for the hunting 😉 Hi everyone! 🤘 I’m happy to introduce Module Framework - HTML templates, files for Sketch/Photoshop and online generator for creating beautiful one-page websites for startups, product launches, portfolios, small stores and more. Module works simple: open generator, build a framework of your future website by dragging & dropping any one of more than 100 components or start wtih 13 pre-designed templates, mix up components to get structure you need. Export designs to simple HTML & CSS version or, if you’re brave enough, there is an option to get Pug and SASS version for advanced users. Hope you'll love it! Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Take this 20% off discount: PRODUCTHUNT20. Use this coupon during checkout. Learn more or try free template on GitHub
Looks very nice. I am a BIG divi fan, so always looking out for similar frameworks.
@ashtube Thanks, Ashley! =)
Hey Nikita, here you are! Finally my 20% off :D Thanks to the team!
@thedaviddias Hey David! Congrats on the buy 🎉 Hope it will be useful for you 😉
@nikkimarkov It will I'm sure! Thanks again to offer the files in Pug format!
Hey, I'm Looking for a simple 1-page product landing page. Does it work as a Github jekyll website?
@eonpilot You can have the templates generated in HTML, so in all cases, you can use it for a Jekyll website.
@nikkimarkov it keeps saying there was a problem and it reloads the page (safari on ios)
@tataencu Hey, do you mean the site or generator?
@nikkimarkov the main page of the website, as soon as i start scrolling reloads and a bar saying "A problem occured with this web page, so it was reloaded" appears on top.
@tataencu just tested on 5s - looks fine. what's model of the phone do you use?
@nikkimarkov i'm on a 7+. I'll send you a screenshot on twitter, ok?
@tataencu same issue here iphone7+