Easily wrap app screenshots in devices

MockUPhone is the app that allows you to put your design on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or a TV screen and see how it looks. It simplifies the work of many developers, designers, consultants and project managers, so they can make a wonderful presentation of their product with the PNG files provided.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Also checkout Placeit hunted earlier.
@kwdinc PlaceIt is great!
Just used this for a project. Super slick and painless. They're smart to ask for my email address to send the downloadable mockups.
Looks fun, tried to download and got a message "Thanks for using! If you like, you can subscribe to our email newsletter for FileSquare and download the app icon package." -- it's not optional, it's a requirement to enter email and subscribe... Skipped the download. PlaceIt is cool
This is an awesome tool!

I just came here to make sure this got another upvote. I use this product at least once a week and have for over 2+ years.

It produces stellar mockups every single time.


Easy to use, fast, super sharp looking mockups every time.