Take notes in markdown, review them with spaced repetition

#3 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2019
Spaced repetition is a powerful way to remember just about anything. With Mochi, you can seamlessly turn your notes into flash cards and study them at optimal intervals with Mochi's simple spaced repetition algorithm.
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Hey everyone, I built Mochi to help me study Japanese, but it's not limited to Japanese, or even language learning itself. Spaced repetition is a powerful way to remember just about anything you learn.
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@matt_steedman This is fantastic, going to move my Japanese notes from Nuclino - here. Can you add Some more import options?
@doutatsu Absolutely, importing markdown files is next on the backlog.
@matt_steedman Will it eventually work with pre-made Anki decks?
@matthew_morrison It already works with pre-made Anki decks. I think there was a mistake in the FAQ earlier that said ti didn't. Check this blog post for more details:
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good idea, but did you just copy notion? lol
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@scouech true, the interface looks a lot like Notion's, even though the use case is completely different.
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@scouech @anna_0x did notion invent light UI, arrows to expand items and left side menu?
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@anna_0x @vladkorobov you know the answer to those questions. It's just quite noticeable that it's the same UI, even the color codes are the same.. Originality is not a big thing to do isn't it?
@anna_0x @scouech I don't see it this way. For some reason you decided that Notion was the first with such theme but they didn't. May be for you Notion was the first product with such UI and you associate light UI with Notion now (that is ok and understandable). If you think that Mochi should use some different style please show. I would love to see your redesign.
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@anna_0x @vladkorobov I'm just saying it's really similar to notion... The cards, fonts, colors etc. I didn't decide that notion was the first one... I'm just saying it's super similar to Notion because it is lol
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I think sleek, general-purpose SRS apps like this have huge potential. E.g. Anki is a bit clunky, Duolingo is language only and not configurable. Language learning and rote-memorization for things like med school, law school or standardized tests are clear opportunities. What are the other clear use cases?
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@tsamb Right now these types of apps are for reinforcing already learned material, but I think there's potential in integrating SRS directly in the learning process itself. Mochi isn't quite there yet but my vision for notes includes this idea.
I've been using this app for a few weeks to improve my Spanish grammar. I've never used any SRS techniques before, and Mochi's made it really easy to use. I recently tried out the paid plan, to sync my notes & cards, and it's worked beautifully! @matt_steedman, is there any plan for a mobile app? I'd love to use this during my commute!
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@ldthorne Thanks for the review! Mobile app is on the way but I'm planning to make the web app mobile responsive first. Mobile app will likely require re-thinking the interface a bit.
awesome product @matt_steedman, could you tell more about technology behind it?
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@vladkorobov Thanks! I'm using Electron + Clojurescript. I've been very happy with both so far.
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