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Free drag & drop mobile friendly website builder. No coding.


Be your own website developer and designer even without any experience with coding or designing! Mobirise is a platform that lets you drag and drop images, videos or text until you create your site the way you love it! It is absolutely free.

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Geek, Designer, Illustrator, Web Dev

Mobirise is fantastic, especially considering that it is 100% FREE for personal and commercial use. The websites you make with it can be exported into HTML, CCS and JS. The code is easy to read (another website builder I've tried exports all lines of code into a single line. To a browser that makes no difference, but it makes manually editing stuff really hard and slow).

The con is it's pretty limiting. I have made a few websites with it and despite my best efforts, they all look similar. I guess that's mostly because of Bootstrap BUT Mobirise plays a role too. For example, it has no option to have the logo in the middle of the header and the links on each side, you can only have the logo on the left, links on the right and CTA button far right (I think there's a single paid theme that includes a header with the logo in the middle). You can purchase additional themes which come with their own blocs. There are also AMP themes if you wanna make AMP website that load very fast, of course those are even more limiting.

I know Mobirise has had an Android app for years, but I never tried it cause I read it was terrible but they updated it last month and apparently it's good now (cross compatibility with Desktop app!).

I love that Mobirise does not try to lock you into their system in any way. You are free to build something basic with Mobirise and then tweak it.

With that said, they include hidden advertisement for Mobirise EVERYWHERE in your code. For example, you add an image, and by DEFAULT that image links to mobirise.com if clicked (I don't think you can switch that off even you buy a premium theme) and the "alt" is "mobirise" as well! Of course you can manually rename those but if you forget just one image, the link is there. Also, they include the name "mobirise" in file and folder names so you have to spend a LOT of time if you wanna remove all mentions of mobirise from the code.


OFFLINE, very customisable, easy to use, export legible code


not enough blocs (even taking into account the paid options!)


There has been a number of updates / improvements. Well worth checking out if you need to create product pages fast!


Easy to use - build one page, landing, and other web pages fast


Can sometimes misbehave especially where images seem to take a while to load...

I agree with Anna Filou. Mobirise is a stunning application. I encountered it several months ago when needed to make a small advertisement. I'm a manager in a corporate system. Needed to present our product to partners. I didn't want to ask our programmists as this task is too easy for them. I've found so many advantages for me in Mobirise bootstrap generator. I created beautiful landing-page for several hours, considering that I don't know anything about coding. This application is totally free. I used a free theme, it contains beautiful images and fonts, which I could use for free. I even published my site successfully and fo free. I'm in love with Mobirise responsive website builder.


1. Totally free 2. Works on your PC without internet. 3. It has a huge amount of free images, fonts, blocks, colors and so on.


Didn't find

I agree with Mara either. She mentioned correctly that Mobirise website builder could be used offline and has so many of a free content like images and fonts.

I'm 19 years old and I'm studying the coding process. Mobirise app is perfect for me as I can create a small site absolutely for free, publish it to my laptop and change the code in the way I want. Mobirise is drag and drop website builder, that's why the application has restricted options. It's impossible to create several branches or difficult structure, You can only add blocks and change content. Several times I changed the structure and even sold such sites. By the way, it's needed to mention that selling the created sites is totally legal.


1. Mobirise web design software is free. 2. It's possible to change the code manually. 3. we can sell it legally


restricted opportunities a lot of paid repeated themes

I totally agree with loom. Mobirise bootstrap builder is awesome. The main disadvantage is that there's so many paid extensions, which I can't buy. They're too expenisive for me.