An app builder for everyone. No coding required.

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I know there are lots of app builders out there, but I really like how far Mobincube have gone in terms of integrations (Google Maps, Google Analytics, Paypal, audio, video, RSS, etc.) An app builder is never going to be able to offer the same functionalities, unique design and polish a custom native app would, but it's great to see options for small businesses who don't have in-house expertise or the budget to hire someone. Suggestion: it would be great to have a proper app gallery on the website, with corresponding screenshots.
Hmm, this is really interesting and i'm going to give it a try. One question, if i start on the basic plan and i create the app, can i upgrade before publishing to another pricing plan to remove/modify the ads? If that's not clear enough, the point is that i don't want to lose time working on a basic plan only to see that after i upgraded, i cannot use the new features on the app created with the free acount.