Mobile Wireframe Kit

Speed up app design with a beautiful kit of UI elements

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Thanks for the upvotes! This is V1 of Mobile Wireframe kit. I launched this as part of Gum Road's Small Product Lab. There's a second version in the pipeline with more screens and UI elements. Feel free to download and stay tuned for the next release.
Possibly silly question here - is this platform agnostic?
@annebot It's just for Sketch ( I might consider creating a PSD or AI version for future releases but due to the popularity for Sketch for UI design recently it seemed to be the most appropriate platform. I use Sketch for all my UI design work now particularly for Mobile design as it has many brilliant plugins that can be added to improve the design workflow.
I've just downloaded it. Looking cool. One thing I need to suggest Gumroad is to take down the geography limit in downloading. As a startup based in Vietnam we couldn't download it using a regular browsers and I wasn't happy learning that. Thanks.
See we need more things like this ! Makes our lives easier Mate
Thanks @georgekukunis ! Yes we do!