Uncover contact information for millions of candidates and enrich outdated contacts in seconds. Whether you are at a conference, talking to a prospect or want to impress your boss with a quick find before you get to the office - Jobjet helps you do it all.

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Hey Hunters👋 ! Mike from Jobjet here. We’ve been helping recruiters to source & get in touch with candidates since 2016 when we launched the Hound Chrome Extension. However, we know that you’re not always going to be at your desk when you need to pull up a resume or find a candidate's contact info. So, this year we decided to step our game up and go mobile. ✈️ 📱 I’ll be around to answer any questions you might have. Happy hunting from me, and the Jobjet team.
It's looking good, have you thinks to adapt it for android platform ?
@clement_chanut we are working on the Android version of the app. No deadline is set in the stone yet, but it is safe to expect it coming during the next month.
Creative idea and impressive execution from what I can see but... FOR THE LOVE OF GO PLEASE END THE PHONE CALLS. Cold calling is incredibly rude and a terrible way to start a relationship with your new employer, imho.
@rrhoover well, this one is still massive among some of the recruiting agencies. My best guess is they love it for a very simple reason: quick turnaround. A call usually leads to a very fast initial reply.