Set up a new beta program or take your beta testing to the next level
192 pages, 26 chapters, 6 courses, 1 powerful handbook
✅Discover industry best practices
✅Learn mobile-first techniques and workflows
✅Get the best results for your mobile app
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We’ve exhaustively researched and interviewed our users around the world for all of the secrets of powerful beta testing programs — and now we’re sharing them with you. In this handbook, you’ll learn the A to Zs of beta testing, including: * How to set up and run your beta test * Finding and training beta testers * Beta testing and distribution tools * Collecting and interpreting user feedback * Survey templates and execution guidelines * Plus a pre-launch checklist for your app We hope the handbook helps you accelerate your workflow and release with confidence!
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@dan_cornish Just tap 'website' link on the right, you'll be directed to the download page, it would ask for your email and finally you'll be able to download :) I've just downloaded my copy this way