Achieve your running #goals with mobiefit RUN, the easiest way to start running and eating the right way. Lose weight, improve your running pace and track performance with mobiefit RUN’s 5K, 10K and half marathon training programs.

Available in Hindi and English, mobiefit RUN is the first Indian app with celebrity-led training programs.

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Matt Trimarchi
Co-Founder and UI / UX Designer.
Interesting approach to running, there are a tonne of running apps out there but this may have an interesting approach by targeting people who have never run for fitness before.
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Sounds like a great idea. I was never a runner in school so had to start on my own and would have enjoyed this when I started running. Aside: I do wonder how many people who use this know who Gul Panag is? I didn't. I looked her up and it makes total sense why they'd partner now. But at first it seemed strange as I was reading through the copy that my personal running assistant had a full name, not just a first name—not knowing who she was I thought they were giving their AI running assistant a full name. Now I just feel silly.* * However it looks like the company behind this app (Prototyze) is based in India, so this makes sense for their market. I imagine if they expand to the U.S. they'll partner similarly.
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Harshith MallyaInvestment team at Kstart Capital
Have used it for a week now .Very well executed app. Great content and features like the treadmill mode and in-app music player further add to its appeal. Check out a detailed story about it here:
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Chief Product Officer
Thanks @corleyh iOS is underway, will be out soon, hopefully within the next 2-3weeks, depending on how the Apple Gods smile upon us.
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COO @ Product Hunt
I would love to explore the app, but because it is android first - I'll have to wait. @hatzem what's the timing on iOS?