MLH Career Fest

Find amazing tech talent from the comfort of your home.

MLH Career Fest saves you time, money, and airline miles in your search for great tech interns and new grads. Our algorithm matches recruiters with pre-qualified hackers for 5-minute video chats to get you that same fuzzy feeling you get from meeting in person
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Hi everyone! Makers of MLH Career Fest here 👋 Every year, we work with more than 100,000 technical students around the world through our on-campus events like hackathons and workshops. Their lives have been thrown through a loop by COVID-19. They’re now at home, trying to take online courses for the first time, missing important events like their college graduation. And yet, in a few months these students are still expected to go out into the world and begin their post-college careers! On-campus events are a super important part of this process, as they give students an opportunity to make a personal connection with a recruiter beyond what a resume can showcase. We built MLH Career Fest to give them a virtual opportunity to be matched up with awesome employers for 5 minute video chats that can give them that same warm fuzzy feeling that they get from a great in-person conversation. We’re even donating all of the recruiter-funded proceeds to the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund. # How It Works 1. You sign up and fill out a profile. 2. MLH Career Fest runs you through our matching algorithm to pair up recruiters and candidates. 3. You log on for your scheduled time slot and let the magic happen! 4. At the end, everyone gets a match digest so they can follow up and continue the hiring process. 
Happy hacking! Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Jon, Swift, and Nick @jonmarkgo, @swiftalphaone, @yaynickq
This is really neat. Glad to see MLH do something like this.
@gene_chorba Thanks! We felt like it was really important to be able to bring some stability to hackers in this crazy time
Such a smooth way to transition, nice work y'all! :D
@snigdhar0y Thanks! Definitely been a labor of love to adjust on short notice and find a way to keep empowering hackers
This seems like a fantastic opportunity for hackers looking to get their start in the tech world! Are we able to send this out to students yet? I'd be super excited to forward this to last year's sunhacks attendees.
@paul_horton Yeah, it's live for signups now but we'll be hosting the first round of scheduled chats during the first week of April
This sounds fantastic! It is a great way for hackers to get in contact with recruiters and even display more about themselves than just their resumes. I'm excited for this!
@david_quach Thanks! Hackers tell us all the time that they love the personal interactions with recruiters & engineers at hackathons. We're hoping that we can help recreate a bit of that magic for thousands of people in our community who need it!