The smallest AR glasses with immersive 96° FoV

Augmented Reality glasses compatible with SteamVR.

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This looks epic!
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Great job!! 😊 Would love to feature this on my tech website, could you send a revIew unit to India
Nice work!

The results achieved by AntVR with its MIX AR glasses are really impressive. This concerns the size reduction, reasonable price and, what is especially accentuated by colleagues from AntVR, the field of view (FoV) of 96 degrees. Despite these successes, we all understand that tomorrow developments will go even further and very quickly we will all come to the size of normal ordinary glasses. What is really healthy and necessary for everybody is not just the synchronization of real and virtual objects, but an immersive experience that allows us to understand where the further development of AR will go


size, price, FoV, immersive experience


modular solution, impossibility to wear in ordinary (not educational or working) situations