Bring all your apps together (pre-launch)

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Mitra brings your data strewn across many apps like gmail, trello etc. together. Traditionally, to view these data, you have to login to each app individually. Mitra brings all these relevant data together, right when you need it. The apps are connected via APIs. It will be a browser extension.
Great solution to a real problem
Or you could just use Zapier ;) cc @wadefoster
@BlendahTom Zapier immediately came to mind for me, too.
@BlendahTom @nikkielizdemere Thanks for the comment. We differ a lot from Zapier. Zapier is a complete automation between apps. Mitra helps you to connect data between the apps contextually when you need it. For eg: When you answer a zendesk ticket you can actually know the status of the basecamp task created for that particular ticket. So you don't have to refer it back and forth.
ahh! Mitra is my sister's name! And, much like my sister, is brilliant. To me, Rapportive is a first taste of how much more seamless our lives could be if everything were better integrated into the browser. Looking forward to trying it out.
@nayafia ah that's sweet to know. Yeah we could save so much time doing so and that's where we are headed :)
@kwdinc Plans to integrate with CRM? Pipedrive would be sweet!
@reubenpressman thanks for the comment. Yes we do have plans to integrate CRMs
@vinodhdavid Perfect! You should go for pipedrive first ;)