Mistbox 2.0

Save ~33% on your air conditioning bill every year

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I was liking the description of the savings until they said "subscription." Defeats the entire point of savings.
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@erickbarron86 i was thinking the same thing. save $100/month by giving us $100/month. :)
@mrabramowitz @erickbarron86 I think it's actually $100 for the year... But yes, another subscription. Ugh.
@andreasduess @mrabramowitz @erickbarron86 There's a $349 level to buy it outright, no subscription.
@junesix ok that's more interesting
@erickbarron86 I was more concerned that Kickstarter backers got $10/month pricing instead of $99/yr. Someone's not good at math. And if you buy it outright for $350 wouldn't you still need to pay for their cell service and filters? I thought it was funny their video said wifi was unreliable and so they designed the unit with cellular. Our neighborhood is a cellular dead zone. I would need WiFi on the unit to consider buying.
There must be a reason if this hasn't been integrated by AC manufacturers yet. And in China, most families don't use central AC.
Once I see kickstarter now, I immediately leave. Not worth the trouble...
@professorz same, hate kickstarters on ProductHunt since it's not a real product yet
@alexwhitedev Should be a PH policy IMO...
Buyer Beware: I own the original Mistbox from the Kickstarter campaign and thrilled at the potential. However, my iOS and Android apps have never worked properly showing any of my operational or cost savings data - I really have no idea if this thing is working. Even after multiple contact attempts in the past two years to the mistbox folks, my inquiries go unanswered.
@kpieper876 at least you got it. I'm 2 for 7 on actually receiving kickstarter/indegogo/pre-order products. And one of the two took 3 years (lockitron).
@kpieper876 Isn't there any other way to know if it's already working?
@ktkaushik Well, it functions - on, off, water flows, etc. and the app shows a few on/off metrics. But does it save money...there is no way to know without the app working.
@ktkaushik @kpieper876 do your power bills not reflect the savings?
@ktkaushik @taylor_banks Our house has undergone so many changes (remodel, new baby, etc) that there is no reliable baseline to compare against.
Though this is not a new idea. The most important innovation that I see them offering is the water filter to protect your AC. Misting your compressor does work but usually causes rusting etc that breaks down your unit.