GPS tracker collar for dogs

Never lose your pet. 14% of domestic dogs go missing, with a large portion of them never returning home. The Mishiko Collar lowers this stat by giving your pet’s real-time coordinates with up to 4 meter accuracy. With Mishiko’s global. SIM-chip, you always know where your dog wherever you are in the world.

any plans for small cats? would love to find out where mine goes but the options out there are way too bulky
@scotty_bowler I’m with you. I put a Whistle on our cat and it looked ludicrous and seemed cruel. Friends would say ‘is your cat wearing a giant Apple Watch?”
@tom_pryor haha - we tried using https://www.producthunt.com/post... and it was practically dragging along the floor (and people kept thinking her name was Tile)
Love this. Not available in Canada and unsure about monthly fees, though.
Similar to Whistle and Link AKC.
Why is the zero information anywhere on its battery life?