An AI-Enabled Interview Practice Tool

A new-age tool to assess your communication skills and improve upon them.
An AI-enabled interviewing practice tool for individuals to assess their communication skills and improve on them.
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Quite nifty.. I tried the app and its quite simple and to the point. I am yet to receive the AI assessed score (not sure how long it takes) but self assessment is a nice touch to make the user start with some self realization as well. Will be great to see more attributes being added to the measurement.
@sudeeptap Thank you for your review, Our AI takes approximately 10 minutes. I hope you already received your review by now. ;)
@sravan_suhas Yeah it did. was pretty accurate too. very impressed!
From Jignesh Talasila, It was early 2009, I got my first opportunity as a teacher and a speaker. I was asked to train high school students on Robotics. Though I was excited, I wasn't really that confident. It was a premium school in a tier-1 city with students who speak English very fluently and here I am, from a tier-3 town with little fluency in the language. There were many such moments in the past 10 years. Every time there is a change in audience, content or the setting I trembled, like any other human. A great man once said, "One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation” Preparation has always helped me! Today I am who I am because of these skills that I have attained. In the last 4 years, I might have visited ~100 colleges, spoke to more than 20,000 students directly and many more indirectly. One problem that keeps coming back is communication skills, both verbal & non-verbal. It is not that they don't know how to improve it, but they couldn't find the right tools to prepare themselves except for the age-old #MirrorPractise technique. 3 months ago, it occurred to us, why haven't we addressed this problem yet in this age of mobiles & AI. Especially when AI can drive cars, translate books and even take nice selfies why can't we use it to help people improve their skills? So we at Perspect AI have created #MirrorAI - A powerful tool that sits on your phone and helps you improve your communication skills - Wherever & whenever! You could be a school student preparing for a debate competition, a college grad applying for a job, a startup entrepreneur practicing an elevator pitch or a professional delivering a speech. All that you have to do is record while you practice, upload the video and get your feedback in minutes. Today, we are launching the beta with limited features on Google Play. Wanted to share it with you to know how useful you find the tool before we put any more effort into it. We are listening!