Minutes App

Take back control of your meetings

Meetings are the most unproductive and expensive space ever and the worst part is that most of them shall have a consecutive meeting to ensure that all the value generated in the previous one is not lost.
To solve that issue we have created Minutes App.
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Great concept! Android please.
@jorgevmendoza why not a google/outlook calendar integration? Also, you have a typo in the "Is my data safe?" paragraph towards the bottom of the landing page: "... only yo can do so"
Hi there!, I can add the integration to those calendar services. I ran with the default calendar integration from iOS but i can dive a little more into that. Thanks for the catching the typo I’ll fix that right away
Hello Community, here is an idea that i had very long time ago for a Meetings productivity App. Meetings can be the most unproductive space in business big or small with Minutes you will be able to store in a single app all the value generated in your meetings in a easy and organized way.
Thanks Richard, Android version is in the project roadmap