Minty 3.0

Get custom illustrations directly from remote artists

Hire world class illustrators for remote work with Smart Briefs, intelligent Talent Dashboard and Automated Contracts.
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Awesome product! Happy to be one of the investors!
Hi @Kevin, thanks for the hunt! New Minty has been redesigned for finding and hiring illustrators for remote work. We have discovered, that as our community grew, the key for art directors and artists is speed of matchmaking and administration. Therefore most important changes are Smart Briefs, which make remote search for best creative easy and quick with Talent Picker, Collaboration Tool and Auto Invoicing. Smart Brief awaits a response of illustrator of your choice. If there is no response, or if artist declines the offer, your brief automatically goes to relevant artists suggested by Minty AI, and you are immediately matched with the ones interested in your brief. Tailor-made invoices are generated with each project you start on Minty, integrated with seamless payment system supporting all major credit cards. Hope you will enjoy new Minty as much as we do. If you have any questions, comments or ideas, leave a comment below. Thanks!
Hello hunters, please feel free to ask us anything. Also we have curated images related to Corona virus outbreak, some of them are free to download if you are one of the people blogging about consequences, you can find them here: Stay safe!
@petra_kemkova Hello, not sure if its just me but the site seems to be down.
@forthecool yep, I can see that... Life is hard... Will notify when is up again.
This is real cool.
Amazing solution! Keep up the great work! :)