These notebooks are hand bound using high quality, acid free paper. Available in 4 print types: Blank, College Ruled, Grid and Dotted. Shop the collection or Upload your own artwork for a custom made notebook!

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Hey @nabeeela_, Can you tell us more about why you've created these cool notebooks, and how do they differ from other options out there?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, our notebooks are designed to be easy to carry around and comfortable to write, sketch or document in for those sudden moments of inspiration. They promote individuality, creative thinking and limitless imagination. And of course, they look cool ;) After launch you'll also be able to upload your own artwork to create your own unique notebook(s)! These notebooks are created for creative thinkers, by creative thinkers. Each design comes in four options (college ruled, dotted, blank and grid). They'll be selling for around $3-$10, so you'll be getting a high quality notebook, without the high price tag!