Minimo displays useful information at a glance, shortcuts to your favorite websites, and synced tabs from your mobile devices.

It's also fully open-source, does not collect any information, and requires basically no configuration – although it can be customized.

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👋I'm Kristian, maker of Minimo. Chrome's current new tab page is quite simple, but I wanted something informational, even more simple and less distracting, so I built Minimo. Minimo requires nearly no configuration, syncs with your Bookmarks, and does not show page thumbnails or needless graphics – don't worry, favicons can be enabled. It also uses Chrome's synced tabs APIs so you can continue your mobile browsing sessions in your computer. 💬Feel free to ask me any questions 🙂
@kristianmuniz Is this Chrome-only because it's using any specific extension API?
@fjaguero There are ongoing efforts for Firefox support that will be added really soon! But yeah, there are core features (battery level, download speed, and synced tabs) that will not be available in other browsers. At least not as of today.

Let's port it for Firefox as well. :) It's very easy and you just need to make few tweak in your existing code. Instructions here


Simple and helpful


Not available on Firefox

There are ongoing efforts for Firefox support that will be added really soon!
This is fantastic! Love it so far, but why is CMD+SHIFT the keyboard shortcut to change to writing mode? CMD+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW and CMD+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW are meant for switching tabs so everytime I switch a tab it changes to writing mode. Is there any way to change the writing mode toggle shortcut?
@justnp You are not the first one to point this out! I'm working on giving the ability to change the keyboard shortcut!
@justnp v1.1.0 is out! Now you can remap Minimo's writing mode keyboard shortcut to whatever you like! Once updated, go to "Change appearance" menu, click "Advanced Settings", and under "Writing Mode Keyboard Shortcut" change it to whatever you need :D
@kristianmuniz That's awesome! Also I managed to hide the synced tabs using the custom CSS and it works perfectly!
The font is just perfect for the design! can you share what font is it?
@biraj it uses your operating system’s default sans-serif font. In this case it’s Apple’s San Francisco Font.
super clean