Personal desktop Kanban board for introverts

MiniKanban is a desktop Windows that implements a personal Kanban Board. The main benefit of this approach is that you can connect tasks with files and folders on your PC so you can jump quickly to things you work on right from the board.
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Hello! Dmitri here, I am the author of MiniKanban and some other Windows desktop apps. This project grew from my own need in a Kanban board for quick but highly structured projects that also allows to assign local files and folders to tasks (yes, I'm too lazy to browse the filesystem for something). I also wanted to have checklists in each task to track the progress, tags to filter the board for specific tasks and board templates so I'll be able to start new typical projects with a board pre-filled with tasks. I am also planning to run an experiment with content marketing promoting this particular product with only humour-based content. That's why the product website is not a typical product website but more of a blog with the download button.
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Cool app, I've already forgotten the experience of use desktop apps. My up-vote because Elon Musk use this app :)