Mini Metro

Make the trains run on time

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@adamsigel @collin_cummings @russfrushtick @rrhoover @ellenchisa The maker just shared some Steam keys for PH users only! EPIB6-Q4CHY-WG53L H9458-YLF0I-EYN6J NJN6Y-PLFA7-P9MH6 E50PB-2HRWF-8AHKZ
@mrwongsteven Nice! I actually already bought a copy but this is extremely cool of DPC.
Aaaand I'm addicted.
Just released on Steam. Loving this game!
Hmm @rrhoover I searched the URL and this didn't come up. @adamsigel we have similar taste - I love this game.
@ellenchisa what did you search for? I see "mini metro" appear in the search results.