MINE Recipes

The simplest way to organize YOUR recipes

MINE is a modern twist on the classic recipe box, providing a quick and easy way to save, organize and access YOUR personal recipe collection. Ditch the 3-ring binder and the piles of flagged and tagged cookbooks. Use MINE this holiday season.
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My wife has been carrying around folders of recipes that she has accumulated over the years...torn out of magazines, scribbled on cards and printed out from the web. Some are old family recipes and others are brand new ones. She wanted a real easy way to organize and use them rather than her mess of folders that she'd have to dig through every-time she wanted a recipe, so we built MINE. MINE is a single purpose app that is all about organizing your recipes. It's simple to use. Just snap, title and tag recipes. (It works even better with iOS's speech-to-text). MINE is not a social network it doesn't have friends, followers, likes or views. In addition it isn't overly complicated with calorie counts, or shopping lists of ingredients. Just simple pictures and search by title and tag. We hope you like it and if you have feedback please let us know.