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Mindstamp turns any video into an engaging viewing experience by enriching it with interactive notes, pop-up questions, and CTAs in just a few seconds ✨

Mindstamp helps you generate + qualify leads, onboard + support customers, train employees, educate students, and much more 🔮

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Hi Product Hunt! 😻 Brett here, the solo-maker (and awkward guy in the demo video) behind Mindstamp... I couldn't be more excited to share it with you today ✨ A bit over a year ago, I launched Aech as better way to share videos with friends. While it didn't take off, a bunch of folks asked me about my willingness to create something similar but a bit more professional-focused 🧐 Mindstamp is the result of those conversations and ~8 months of building. It's designed to help brands and professionals engage and qualify their viewers by turning any video into an interactive experience with almost no additional time or effort 🔮 You can add notes (text, audio, video) and ask questions that will pop up in the video at the time you made them for the viewer. This lets you capture contact information for viewers you might not know yet, and better understand the viewers that you do 💡 Our customers are using Mindstamp to generate + qualify new leads, onboard and support their customers, and simply to share video notes between team members without endless Slack messages full of timestamps 🙅‍♀️ If you've made it this far, thank you for reading! I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, just drop a comment below or say hi on Twitter @balindenberg 🙂 ⭐️SPECIAL OFFER for Product Hunters: 15% off any plan FOR LIFE if you purchase by 11/15/18 and email me (brett@mindstamp dot eye oh) with the subject line “PH Discount” and your favorite emoji somewhere in the email 💩
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@balindenberg @mindstamp this is cool idea man!
@mindstamp @ok_samandar Thanks Samandar! That means a lot 😸
@balindenberg @mindstamp How are you reaching out to companies and pitching them about your product ?

Honestly, I'm so impressed by what Brett built. It's such a killer product that I'm shocked I'm not seeing it everywhere. Should be on every marketing site or support page.

Something to keep a pulse on for sure.

Just glad I'm an early customer and can be a part of the journey.


Phenomenal execution, great for video funnels and customer feedback.


None since I've started using it.

Thanks Jesse 🙏 Been a real pleasure getting to know you recently and using your feedback to improve Mindstamp every week. Cheers!
@balindenberg I'm not sure how I can see startups using this a lot but from a student's perspective, I believe this is disruptive if someone like Khan Academy or YC use it in their courses 😍 Are you planning on getting into the ed-tech space?
@balindenberg @amrith startups that run webinars would love this imo
@amrith Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, Amrith! Definitely keeping our eyes on the EdTech space while we experiment with the sales / marketing angle to start. Partnering with Khan Academy or YC would be a dream 😍
@amrith @frcbls Webinars are an area I've recently started to become really interested in with Mindstamp. Most people are throwing up their webinar recordings on Youtube and calling it a day. Mindstamp lets you get all the information you would collect from the live session + whatever other dynamic asks you want to make, but at the viewer's later convenience. Stay tuned here 😎
@igityan_hayarpy Glad to hear that, thanks :)
Video + Lead gen = Awesome!
@aslamabbas Agreed! 😎Thanks for your support!