Johny Miric
Johny Miric reviewedMindFiMeditate with open eyes. Be productive.

Great design


Concept is flawed, relaxing with your eyes open is ineffective

I have 15 years of experience in meditation, you need to have superb meditative skills to be able to relax with eyes open. The key is to calm your mind, and as long our eyes are focused on the visuals, it is almost impossible to achieve inner peace. As i said, only great masters can do this.

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Bjorn Lee
Bjorn Lee@bjorn_lee · Founder @MindFi. Ex-Zendesk.
Try the full 7-day program. Not all sessions have eyes open. Meditation, or mindfulness, can't be taught in one day. :)We want to level the learning curve so beginners don't get deterred from the start.