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We've been working harder than ever on something brand new, Minbox 3. What was once a simple file sharing app is now a mind-blowingly beautiful collaboration tool. Enjoy this sneak peek of our upcoming release — Product Hunters get in early!
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@amimran Awesome stuff Alex!
@amimran now that's a demo vid. great friggin job.
@amimran big fan of the product, have been using it for awhile- congrats on the update!
that's the illest product video I've ever seen.
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@ShaanVP no joke I need to up my game.
Upvote for the announcement video. Signed up because it looks incredible. Keep it up @amimran.
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That video excites me and scares me
@amimran @KristoferTM so sick with the radiohead remix
@basche42 @amimran @KristoferTM Been trying to figure out the song for days now...which remix is it exactly?
I got a preview.... it's REALLY slick.