Mimi Music Android

Your favorite music, personalized to your hearing.

Mimi envisions a world where everyone can experience sound in its fullest detail and purest form without compromise and despite the hearing imperfection of human hearing. The Mimi idea began with a problem: one sound does not fit all. While today's audio technology has advanced in truly amazing ways, our hearing ability has not.

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Hi Product Hunt! It is about time: We are super proud to announce our Mimi Music release for Android! This is a huge milestone for us as after more than a year - besides iOS, Android users are now able to benefit from Mimi’s personalized music experience. After our last product hunt, the feedback we got from our users was overwhelmingly positive and we’re happy to bring that experience now to Android. The Android release makes our technology even more accessible by offering almost everyone a music listening experience that’s tailored to their ears. These are our first steps on a new platform, which means we’re specifically curious about what the Android community thinks of the product. You can get a feel for the power of personalization by putting in your age and sex. We’ve found that this is already a very good first step. Then (if you have one) you can log in to your account or create one and put in your audiogram. At the moment we’ve not yet been able to integrate the testing of your hearing yet (difficulties around device & headphone calibration) but with age/sex-based personalization, and the audiogram input you’ll get a good idea of the experience. We’re working hard on bringing testing to Android as well and expect that later this year. We'd love you all to try it out and get feedback on the product, the sound processing and of course the concept! Greetings, Guido