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Shake to instantly meet community members near you


It's always a great experience meeting a fellow hunter IRL. But it doesn't happen very often and we have to wait for meetups to be organized in our cities. So we decided to build something that makes it super easy to meet hunters near you for spontaneous meetups.

Caution : Onboarding process is a little long for a reason. Please don't give upπŸ™ˆ

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Reinventing social.

There is definitely a need for such a product in the market and if it reaches the right audiences, I have a feeling it will do extremely well especially for people like me who do not like planned meetups. Good luck! I will be following the product closely and hopefully get a chance to meet some of you guys soon.


Love the shake and meet feature and meeting people whenever you are free.


On-boarding is too long but eventually it makes sense when you see automatic groups are created basis the information.

Designer & Coder
Pros: πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Cons: Same feelings as @aarav_kapoor said

I don't know what their plan is in the long run but it's definitely a platform which has the capability to replace existing WhatsApp/Facebook groups within closed communities. The idea is really simple to take us back to the good old times of group chats who have common things to talk about.


A must try for the PH members, it has the potential of enabling connections irl amongst hunters which wouldn't have happened otherwise.


Not being able to create groups. Hopefully the team can do that in the near future.

Co-founder, Hype

Milo has perfected the experience of connecting you with others in your community. I dislike going to the gym alone, but i can see how Milo can help me create my own crew on the fly. Looking forward to see Milo's evolution.


- Clean UI

- Find people and communities around you

- Shake to meet is as simple as it gets


- Network effect challenges for a new social app

Cofounder, Apxor

Closed group concept looking promising. Categories look broad at the moment. Conversations look more engaging when interests are more refined. Hope this happens over time with more ppl in app.

WIshing Milo very best.


#1 Purposeful conversations.

#2 Trust


#1 lengthy on boardig