The notes app for creative work

#4 Product of the MonthFebruary 2017
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The notes app for creative work.

For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

  • Sandra Niehues Guerra
    Sandra Niehues GuerraCo-Founder, PlanHappyAdvertising

    I love that I can go as deep or as wide as I want on any subject.


    Can't change the font size.

    I'm a non-technical co-founder of an app to help small business plan and track all their advertising. I wear a lot of hats. I'm also a visual thinker.

    I need to spread things out and see how they all fit together. I need to be able to see the big picture and then dive into the details and I need to be able to do that fluidly and frequently on a variety of subjects. I really wanted to be able to use my entire screen real estate for this purpose.

    I remembered seeing Milanote on Product Hunt when it was an idea and not yet available. I signed up for it and happily paid for the upgrade. It's the perfect app for me and I use it every day.

    The feature I like best is being able to upload links for the content I curate. When I'm ready to learn about a subject, I have great content to choose from and a place to write down my thoughts. I can add images and notes and go from subject to subject. I can clear out my email fast and that is worth the money alone.

    I would suggest you try Milanote because it can make your life so much easier.

  • Johny vino
    Johny vinoHumanizing User Experience

    Love the trash icon concept


    Free plan can provide more than 100 card :).

    Love it in one day use, it give me everything. I m a designer i usually take lot of inspiration it helps me to put together all the inspiration and setup a mood board

    Johny vino has used this product for one week.
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Ollie Campbell
Ollie CampbellMaker@oliebol · Co-founder/CEO @ Milanote
Hello Product Hunt! Milanote is based on the idea that behind every great piece of work is a lot of research, thinking and planning that is often messy, unstructured and takes time to evolve. That's why Milanote is much more visual, flexible and tactile than similar products. We've really tried to reproduce the feeling of working on a wall in a creative studio. I'd also love to hear any feedback on the concept 😊
Adithya Shreshti
Adithya ShreshtiPro@adithya · Founder of Knowmad Life | Startuposphere
@oliebol Fulfilling such an important utility - made simple and beautiful! Kudos to the Milanote team.
Ollie Campbell
Ollie CampbellMaker@oliebol · Co-founder/CEO @ Milanote
@adithya Thanks Adithya, really appreciate it :)
Francesco D'Alessio
Francesco D'Alessio@francescod_ales · Productivity App Reviewer
@oliebol I'll be reviewing this one on my YouTube channel too - heard many good things!
Cornel Axin
Cornel Axin@axincornel
@oliebol Guys, I love you already, one day later and I'm more efficient than ever. where should I pay ? oh, ok, on my way:)
Ali Demirci
Ali Demirci @alidemirci · Designer
Milanote is best. I used Sketch for arrange ideas before milanote. Now my whole ideas on internet. I request two things 1 - Please don't read my boards 🙃 2 - I want to select more than one item for moving.
Ollie Campbell
Ollie CampbellMaker@oliebol · Co-founder/CEO @ Milanote
@alidemirci hey Ali—multi select is definitely coming soon, it's one of the most popular features on our upcoming feature poll here: And we definitely don't read anyone's notes, here's a page on our help centre about privacy/security: 👍
@oliebol This is dope, been playing around, Milanote definitely gives me a nice a feeling when I'm using it :) Some suggestions that would be cool to see: 1) Ability to form a clickable link within a Note 2)To import a photo from a URL 3)To be able to select multiple items and delete them at once
Ollie Campbell
Ollie CampbellMaker@oliebol · Co-founder/CEO @ Milanote
@marko_is thanks Marko! #2 is already possible—if you create a link card and paste an image URL into it you'll get an image card automatically. The others are on the list, feel free to give them an extra vote here: 😀
@oliebol alright, cool! will do that :)
Quan Vu
Quan Vu@kingquan_ · UI/UX Designer, Photographer
How about an offline mode?
Simon Chapman
Simon Chapman@simoncchapman · Founder.
You're quick @owen_yin, I was just going to share this. It looks very useful! Good work everyone, and thanks for offering a free plan!
Ollie Campbell
Ollie CampbellMaker@oliebol · Co-founder/CEO @ Milanote
@simoncchapman @owen_yin thanks Simon, glad you like it :)
Simon Chapman
Simon Chapman@simoncchapman · Founder.
@oliebol I need to say this: 'Go aussies!'
Owen Yin
Owen YinHunter@owen_yin · Student
@simoncchapman My bad man, I was up late studying and got super excited when I saw it go live! 🙌 Couldn't wait to share 😊