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The notes app for creative work


The notes app for creative work.

For the research, thinking and planning behind your next great piece of work.

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Co-Founder, PlanHappyAdvertising

I'm a non-technical co-founder of an app to help small business plan and track all their advertising. I wear a lot of hats. I'm also a visual thinker.

I need to spread things out and see how they all fit together. I need to be able to see the big picture and then dive into the details and I need to be able to do that fluidly and frequently on a variety of subjects. I really wanted to be able to use my entire screen real estate for this purpose.

I remembered seeing Milanote on Product Hunt when it was an idea and not yet available. I signed up for it and happily paid for the upgrade. It's the perfect app for me and I use it every day.

The feature I like best is being able to upload links for the content I curate. When I'm ready to learn about a subject, I have great content to choose from and a place to write down my thoughts. I can add images and notes and go from subject to subject. I can clear out my email fast and that is worth the money alone.

I would suggest you try Milanote because it can make your life so much easier.


I love that I can go as deep or as wide as I want on any subject.


Can't change the font size.


This is what I always wanted Evernote to be.


I use Milanote all the time!! I love how visual it is.


..doesn't work offline and kinda pricey.

Humanizing User Experience

Love it in one day use, it give me everything. I m a designer i usually take lot of inspiration it helps me to put together all the inspiration and setup a mood board


Love the trash icon concept


Free plan can provide more than 100 card :).

bringing innovation to nonprofits

Absolutely love this product! I've been working with this tool for about a year now and have seen it grow with new capabilities. The Milanote team is really helpful you can normally chat with them directly at any point in the day. But outside of the service the tool itself is just a life saver. I'm a big picture, abstract thinker and normally tackle my projects from a high level and then work down into the details and this tool allows me to do just that. I establish a skeleton of my core ideas and how they connect to one another and then I can start digging in without fussing too much about the style because that comes easy.

Right now this feels and acts like a brainstorming board and I would love to see the capability to jump into map style presentations where one can pan in and out of topics.

I've played around with the tool both on Chrome and the Mac App. I've found that I have less hiccups with the web version, on the App there seems to be a bit more of a lag and it just feels less seamless. But really I'm just being really particular when I say that.


Style, Consistent Improvements, Versatility


A few issues with the app


There are so many PM tools out there that it can get overwhelming. Right off the bat this is aesthetically appealing and I can see how it will enhance my existing workflow. Excited to jump in and use it!


Beautiful interface, well-designed templates. Easy to get started and use


No iOS app yet, free plan is limiting

Developer, Designer

I wish it would integrate with Trello, for example.


It is very good for sketching out thoughts.


Not much integration.

Web design, IT, Breaks/DNB Producer
I love, love, love, love this product. I use it for everything. I mean everything - from planning and executing projects like websites, to home renovations, my shopping list, to major lifestyle changes. And now it has built in drawing, that works with my Wacom tablet??? I am almost considering buying a massive display just to run Milanote. I have only one feature I'd like - embedded spreadsheets as I also use Milanote for short and long term budgeting. Love! (Did I say I loved Milanote yet?)