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Gift your loved ones a health coach for Father's Day

Mighty Health is a personal health coach that helps your parents & loved ones stay motivated towards low joint-impact exercises, a cardiologist-designed nutrition plan, reminders for preventative checkups, and more. Everything is designed for people over 50.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋🏻 Thank you so much to the amazing @katmanalac for hunting us! ❤️ We’re James, Felipe, and Bernard, founders of Mighty Health (www.mightyhealth.com/gift), a personal coach that helps people over 50 become healthier through exercise, nutrition, and wellness. ** Why we built this: On this Father’s Day, we thought some of you might be in the same position as we are, worrying about our parents and loved ones, wanting to do more to help out in these challenging times. A few years ago, my dad was rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. Though he luckily survived, this was quite the wakeup call—he had to change his lifestyle habits immediately, or else he’d have to deal with painful, worsening chronic issues for the rest of his life. These changes—exercise, nutrition, sleep, and reducing stress—are hard as is, but even more so for folks over 50. Most wellness apps are designed for motivated millennials, making them feel less relatable to older adults. They don’t take into account evolving health needs, joint issues, or technical limitations. And because our older loved ones are at higher risk of COVID complications due to their age, they won’t be able to return to gyms for the foreseeable future. That’s why we started Mighty Health. ** How Mighty Health works: Everything is designed intentionally for people over 50: 💁🏻‍♀ Coaching: A personal coach keeping them motivated through SMS, providing a real human relationship 💪🏼 Exercise: At home workout videos that are easy on the joints, led by top-rated certified trainers 🥗 Nutrition: A personalized plan and grocery list designed by cardiologists for heart health 🚨 Reminders: Preventative health checkup notifications (based on their age and gender) and medication reminders 🎉 Celebrations: Texts to family members about milestones in the program so you can celebrate together Our app is simple to set up and use, accommodating large and high contrast text. We chose SMS for coaching because it’s a more familiar medium, like texting with your family. Dr. Bernard Chang, our medical co-founder, is the Vice Chair of Research at Columbia University’s Department of Emergency Medicine and leads our team of physicians, trainers, and coaches who develop our plans and content. These plans are optimized for health goals specific to people over 50, such as losing weight to prevent chronic diseases, becoming stronger/decreasing joint pain, or reducing their risk of heart disease. On average, 85% of our users stick to our plans for at least 12 weeks and lose ~10 pounds. Here's a note from one of our members, Elizabeth: "Mighty Health has empowered me to meet goals that I never thought I’d meet. I not only met my weight goal, but I lowered my cholesterol by 50 points and my triglycerides by 90. I’m stronger than I have been in a decade." We’d love for you to check out our website at www.mightyhealth.com/gift and are eager to hear your feedback and ideas below. Feel free to reach out directly at james@mightyhealth.com as well! ** Exclusive deal for Product Hunters: If you have a parent or loved one in mind, we're offering 50% off all gift memberships with the promo code HUNT - especially if you’re looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift 😉 We’re also available internationally!
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@katmanalac @mightyhealth @jameslidotcom Awesome job James and Felipe. Keep it up!
@phil_mohun Thanks Phil! Appreciate your support as always.
Mighty Health has a great concept and great minds behind it. I think this product will help many people take charge of their health again.
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@abnerpnt Thanks Abner! That's what we hope... people generally don't take preventative health seriously enough and unfortunately wait for something to happen before taking real action.
Very proud of the team behind this app and all the effort that they have put in for this launch. It's great to see the elderly being the central focus of the company's mission as we wish all of our older loved ones to be in great health and live prosperously!
@squishi101 Thanks for all the support since the beginning, Gui! Especially through all the ups and downs :)
I got Mighty Health as a gift for my parents and they love it!! The nutrition content is great, and it especially helps them feel better about their health during quarantine. Awesome app and team!
@cyrieu So glad to hear that your parents are liking it! We've been in beta for a few months and have learned so much already.
Love this idea, especially the focus on texting. How do you keep parents motivated over time? What are some examples of personalization you've done for particular users?
@erictliu Thanks! Great question. On keeping folks motivated -- our coaches are trained to help members develop habits (using a framework similar to Atomic Habits or The Power of Habit) -- to successfully create or replace a habit, you need a trigger, the routine (in our case, the workout or eating well), and a reward. At first, the coach's SMS prompts serve as the trigger, but over time we help members establish their own triggers in their environment (post it notes around the house, associating a workout with finishing a specific meal). Similarly, the coach is at first the reward (insight on your meals, shoutouts in your support group) but members learn to embrace other intrinsic rewards like the great feeling of accomplishment you have at the end of a well balanced day. On personalization -- a great example of this is our personalized grocery list. In the first week of the program, we ask members about what foods they already like to eat, what restrictions they have, etc. Then we combine those with our internal database to generate a shopping list that highlights healthy foods that they already enjoy, as well as foods we'd like them to eat in moderation. The member then receives a hard copy of this list to pin to their refrigerator!