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I would buy for sure! I like to run and hate to take my cell with me for music, I have a iPod for that, but I don't always remember to update the musics like I do on Spotify, so I have to listen boring musics sometimes (this gadget would change this)!
@gabrielreynard this is exactly it! we love it when people see the value and connect with the product immediately.
@pupupower nice work dude!
This has the "wow" factor for sure, and the nostalgia is strong. What's truly remarkable is that it's a standalone wearable with a true purpose: it's not designed to assist your smartphone usage. I'd stop short of saying this changes my running or exercise routine, though.
@samgimbel thanks for the perspective - we love this kind of feedback. what's your current routine/setup and what do use to consume music?
@pupupower I'm a Spotify user, so this would be great for that. I use Runkeeper to track my runs and typically have music playing throughout my whole run. I never, ever look at my phone, it's just to keep me aware of where I am on the road. I start a shuffled Spotify playlist before my run begins and change songs using the headphone cord. This device works for a subway ride, a trip, or similar. The tracking piece is really necessary for exercise, but is obviously out of scope here :). Great work, can't wait to see it in the wild!
@pupupower @samgimbel no worries! Good question ... man i tell yah --- I use pandora and youtube all the time .. I just hate thinking about decisions for leisurely activities ...
@samgimbel partnerships like runkeeper are actually on our roadmap for v2 as well. great to know that's an important piece for you.
Cool, a physical controller, will there be controlls for sources other than spotify later ?
@edinvejzovic if other streaming services and audio is what you mean, the answer is yes that is on our roadmap!
hi all - i am the head of ops at Mighty. happy to answer any and all questions about Mighty and our Kickstarter campaign! it is a dream come true and an absolute honor to be on Product Hunt.
This is a great idea, mostly for active use but I can sympathise that while on a run, at the gym or even going snowboarding when my iPhone keeps turning off because it's too cold for the phone to handle, this is a perfect tool. My guess is usually people are mainly subscribed to one main music streaming device so a simple replication for youtube music, Soundcloud, apple music etc would be a great way for them to open the market and keep the product simple.
@rhmcmillan this is absolutely the plan for Mighty! While we're focusing on Spotify for v1 (because we love them and are avid users), we would love to be open to integrate with all music streaming services.
@pupupower That's the way. It's a great idea. Getting Spotify to promote the product with themselves on their app is the next step to surge sales.
@rhmcmillan That's the dream! We know we're small (but Mighty; had to do it) so we're hoping this proven demand will get us some attention!