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Middle is an online tool which allows you to create online shop under 60 seconds and start selling your first product or service.



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Dainis KanopaMaker@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch
Hi guys, here is our MVP. We wanted to deliver something very simple and useful for e-commerce. Middle is for lead capturing or if you want to setup to sell your staff in a very short time. We wanted to create sign up boarding as simple as possible. By default, we connect your shop to Stripe (card processing) and PayPal at sign up level. You can accept card payments and PayPal payments instantly after signing up. Here is example shop https://simpleshop.middle.io/ We were inspired by Bold.io and Carrd.io and Typeform products.
Marawan@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
Awesome landing page. Gets right to the point 👍
Dainis KanopaMaker@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch
@marawan_1997 thanks! Actually we will increase the level in the next release tomorrow!
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great stuff !! Aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs are looking for this to grow their business 😊
Dainis KanopaMaker@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch