We are looking at our devices all the time. Put your tasks / todos / notes in the notification area and never forget them again.

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Hey PH, We created microtasks as a way to add quickly daily todos, tasks or notes, and never forget them. Combined with the ability to schedule and repeat tasks, this simple app becomes a productivity booster :) Please let us know what do you think! P.S. Promo codes for removing all ads, just for the PH community! https://www.promies.net/promotio...
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@stefigreg What new features / changes have you created since the first version of the app?
Marios Yerou
Marios Yerou@marios_yerou
@stefigreg Amazing app Stephanie really helps me throughout my day :D keep up the good work!!!
Michael Mavris
Michael Mavris@michael_mavris
@stefigreg Thank you Stephanie! Very helpful and simple app!
Andreas Efthymiou
Andreas Efthymiou@andreas_efthymiou · awesome
@stefigreg @marios_yerou indeed marios.. 10/10
@abadesi Hello Abadesi! The first version was just an input box for entering your tasks. In v.2.0 we have added past/present/future tasks overview, scheduling tasks for the future, repeating tasks & more 😃