Microsoft Surface Book 2

The new, more powerful, Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book 2 removes the barrier between the desktop and the laptop by giving mobile professionals the power of a desktop, the versatility of a tablet, and the freedom of a light and thin laptop in one beautifully designed device.

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Surprised there's not more comments here. This thing has a GTX 1060 in here and a 8th Gen Intel Processor. And an insanely good battery life. And a better screen resolution than the MacBook Pro. If only this thing was running macOS...
@joshuapinter yeah that’s really what keeps me with Apple. The hardware is only ok now but it’s very hard to live without MacOS even when you have docker and Ubuntu shell for Windows 10
@joshuapinter Hackintows needs to be a thing...
@schpn I've been watching the Razer Blades very closely to see how their hackintosh support is going. What's sad is that all Apple has to do is start making powerful Pro computers again to win our hearts back. They are starting to do that with the iMac Pro and Mac Pro, but we'll see if that trickles down to the MacBook line as well.
Really am loving the new Surface Book. It 2017-fied a great product with a firm bump, and for me that was all it needed to do.

SB2 fits perfectly for my typical usage that involves devopsing, virtualization (lot of power), operating on a lot of services and apps simultaneously (4 cores), photo editing and retouching (great screen and Nvidia GPU), drawing (Pen), writing a lot of emails (superb keyboard) and reading materials found in web (detachable and touchable screen). All this usually on the go, so the powerful batteries are really handy.


Battery lifetime, keyboard, screen, connection options, windows hello, pen+dial option, clipboard mode, one-point docking station


Not that light (~1.5kg), closed this laptop is quite big for a 13", expensive, some of the new features needs polishing