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So Microsoft release the Keyboard Apple was supposed to launch ??
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@falemaster this comment though 😂😂
@tpbtv but true, "invocation my ass" yup Apple will survive but not by innovation. Also works with iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows, something no apple product will ever do. Right there Microsoft has an edge Apple will never match.
@androidlove You know that Apple's keyboards are Bluetooth and work with all the devices you listed, right?
@androidlove Dude, almost every single comment you write is negative. I am a grumpy old man myself, but you really take the cake. Also, all Apple Bluetooth keyboards work just fine on any BT compatible device.
@androidlove you mean like the fingerprint ID that was first in the iPhone and MacBook before this keyboard?
Cool, but it's no USB Typewriter.
All I want from any one is the 12inch Macbook keyboard, but standalone. Not this chicklet key nonsense.
@shloky Same. I just can't type on those things... and almost all modern laptops have them, which seriously reduces your buying range (just for keyboard, which is crazy!)