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Microsoft Edge for iOS is a pretty solid alternative to Safari and/or whatever else you may me currently use. Give it a try!

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TL;DR: Don't use Edge (yet). Try using the mobile version of your desktop browser for features like tab sharing.

While the switch from IE to Edge did mark the end of an era (of nightmares) for web developers, Edge still falls a bit behind in terms of adoption of web standards.

This mobile version of Edge only offers benefits to those that are still using Edge on PC. While I can't outright say "for the love of all that is holy, do NOT use IE" anymore, I can still say, for your sake, don't use Edge.

Switching to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari on your desktop is still preferable. Better all around support for modern web technologies, much larger selection of browser extensions, more customization, generally faster load times. All of these browsers offer mobile versions as well.

Credit where credit is due: Edge has been closing the gap at an impressive rate since its release. Not there yet, though.


Is a great browser for posting multiple comments on net neutrality to the FCC a year after you die


Doesn't offer anything that faster, sleeker, more feature-rich browsers offer


Edge has a no-frills UI with a great looking dark mode. Not yet worthy of being a main browser, but assuming Microsoft continues development of it (as it has with Outlook for iOS and To Do), this could be a solid alternative to Safari to keep an eye on.


Nice, clean UI. Read on the go coming soon


Can only link to PCs.

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I've been using Edge for iOS over TestFlight for about a month now. There's still no password / credentials sync, which is a deal breaker for me. It's also missing a lot of compelling PC Edge features, like the ability to store away open tabs for later, and web annotations.

But these features will likely come soon, and so if you're a Windows user, I'd keep an eye on this one. If you're a MacOS user, stick to Safari.

Also I should point out, "Continue on PC" is not exclusive to Edge. You can enable it system wide in iOS with the Continue on PC app.


"Continue on PC" is a nice feature that lets you pick up where you left off in Edge for Windows, and dark mode looks beautiful.


The MSN news feed on the new tab page is filled with clickbait. Thankfully you can turn it off, but I'd rather customize it.

The clickbait / pure nonsense from MSN is truly disturbing and I've wondered for a while now why Microsoft thinks it's ok to do this. How do you expect people to take your products seriously when you plaster their screen with complete nonsense while simultaneously trying to say "our browser is still relevant"?
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Microsoft is cheating us with changing name. We already know you're IE. Go home IE


New name


You know its formerly internet explorer

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Actually, I believe that any browser on iOS is actually Safari. That is browsers on iOS have to use the Safari engine.