Microlink 2.0

Extract structured data from any website

#1 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2018

Microlink turns any website into useful structured data.

Just enter an URL and you will get relevant information from any link and easily create beautiful previews.

The powerful API makes simple add it with any existing stack or cloud.

It offers a free plan based on daily quota. Just pay as you need.

  • Fernando Agüero
    Fernando AgüeroAuthor of "The Success Hacker" book

    Easy to integrate on any platform


    None so far

    I've been testing it to integrate it in a 6 years old product (we display social media content, and this would provide the preview for the links) and the experience so far has been great.

    Fernando Agüero has used this product for one week.
  • Rodrigo Reis
    Rodrigo ReisSoftware Engineer

    Straightforward API, video extraction, awesome support


    none so far

    I've been using Microlink for almost a year now, and after trying many other tools out there I'm pretty sure microlink provides the best in market.

    Rodrigo Reis has used this product for one year.
Could someone give me a use case? I see a few people saying they’re using this product. For what?
👋 Hello, Product Hunters microlink turns any website into well structured normalized metadata. It can unify and detect data such as the title, author, date, description, language,... Also, it detects media data like image, video or audio. Complementary, the API provides capabilities to do extra things like: - Take a screenshot of the website (partial or full page). - Get a predominant color palette per each image detected. - Make easy embed content directly in your HTML markup. You can see more in the API documentation https://docs.microlink.io/api Under the hood, microlink is built with top notch technologies of the industry, using headless browser technique when it is necessary. We are proud that the major of our software is Open Source: https://github.com/microlinkhq. We provide a cloud service oriented to quickly scale it based on your demand and aims for getting the best response time and availability. Also, free plan is available 🙂
Been using Microlink for a while now and IMO it's the best scraping tool out there. It's super easy to extend with custom rules. The devs are very active on their slack and responsive to new feature requests. Highly recommend it
I've been using micro link for about 2 - 3 months now. I have few subscriptions for different needs. Really dig what you guys do. I reached out few times when I had a problem, and I had someone respond to me right away with few options. Keep on rocking. Upvote! Upvote!
@webforactors Thanks a lot! working on new things ✨
Soooo, essentially an API for violating a lot of services' TOS via automatically retrieving data from places where data isn't supposed to be automatically retrieved?
@rdev nope, the information is extracted from meta tags under the target url, it's publicly exposed. Also we not rehosting assets like image or video 🙂
@kikobeats Niantic's game Ingress has a world-wide game view called Intel which operates in a browser, therefore publicly exposed. Yet if you'll be automatically pulling data from it, they will terminate your account. Just because it's displayed in the browser doesn't mean it's allowed to be scrapped from it :)
@rdev meta tags such as open graph has been designed to be shareable, your example is not comparable
@rdev Let's try and be constructive, so you think the tool can theoretically be used to break TOS. What do you think the tool manufacturer should do about this? Grass up users? Employ a lawyer to read every TOS of every website a user wishes to use this on? Automatically block the tool's use on websites when requested by the owner? Require users to state they aren't violating TOS? Assumption of bad intent speaks volumes.