Electric Skateboard w/ impressive 40 mile range

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Pierre Paslier
Pierre Paslier@ppaslier · Founder at Skipping Rocks Lab
Have you sent one to Casey Neistat already?
Cody McLain
Cody McLain@codymclain · SupportNinja, CEO
@ppaslier First thought that came to my mind too :P Attn: Casey Neistat Beme HQ 368 Broadway #201 New York, NY 10013
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Hunter. Location-based data addict.
@ppaslier Orrrrrr one to Kris Minkstein - heard he wants to race the Metro next to his E-Go
Braden Hamm
Braden Hamm@bradenhamm · Designer / Founder
Greg Worrall
Greg Worrall@gregjwww · Building something new 🌱
A serious Boosted Board competitor, awesome!
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Hunter. Location-based data addict.
They do a good job of comparing boards and their features here And a good demo video here
Braunson Yager
Braunson Yager@braunshizzle · Co-Founder, Geekybeaver, Ripped Recipes
I would love to take one of these things all the way down the Niagara Parkway :D
Nathan Goodwin
Nathan Goodwin@nathan_cow_ · hi
This looks great! Now the only thing holding me back is the price. :/