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Universal data collection, powered ethically by your users


Metro is a new way to collect data. High quality data, in real-time, from any website on the internet.

The way it works is simple: your users generate the data you need in real-time, and share it with you.

People generate data using DataSources, community-made, open-source data-generation plugins. Anyone can make one!

Would you recommend this product?

It will be cool to see how this develops over time!


It's a cool idea, mutually beneficial for users and for businesses!


It's kind of difficult to understand how GDPR affects this style of data collection

We need more project like this to empower the data subjects.


I great idea to empower consumers for a more accountable data management.


Go to market seem to rely on incentives provided by the companies to the users, which might be not easy to achieve.

So long as more projects are added on a consistent basis, I'll be checking back.


Great concept, it's about time people rather than companies decide who gets to use their data.


Not many projects on the platform just yet.


At Web Summit 2018, ethical data collection was one of the more pertinent topics discussed at the event, Metro appears to solve / I imagine will solve in the future, many of the problems discussed.


Transparency & empowerment. One of the few data collection platforms that I've seen place this much of an emphasis on collaboration.


Dealing with the usual growing problems of any startup, but I suppose that's a good complaint to have.

HRM, human behavior, tech & coexistence.

Recently, I’ve been caught by the idea that if we don’t have control over the information that is generated about us online through the mere use of the Internet, then we won’t have control of the decisions that will be made on us by entities we will be even unaware of. I understand the logics of this project, and while it seems to be aimed to level up the game field so that Startups can have access to useful data, I see a huge potential on this project to empower people and help us have full control of our digital identity. Thank you for being a solution that help us prevent future problems.


Bravo! Making possible to generate and own our data opens an opportunity to control our digital identity & empower the projects we careOf.


I was able to get the extension on my desktop. And had to download Firefox, in order to have Metro on my Mobile.