MetaSurvey is a new survey type generator. The service allows you to build Tinder-style surveys and present questions in a form of card.
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Hey! I'm Alex. I love startups. I love discussing startups, making startups, helping others to make their own startups. I'm absolutely passioned by the industry. One day I noticed that @csallen the founder of offered anyone to host IndieHackers meets in their cities. And I applied! We gather every month to discuss hot topics such as "how to combine desk job and building own products", "how to find an idea for a startup", "how to keep yourself motivated to work on a project", "how to get early customers" etc etc. One day I felt like just talking about these topics is not enough. And we decided to run a 48 hours hackathon: And now after 30 days of polishing the product is ready! We gathered and filtered over 40 project ideas and came up with MetaSurvey. Then we spend 2 days and built a prototype of MetaSurvey - the Tinder-style cards survey, builder. 11 independent hackers were involved. All guys are even. So yes, there are 11 co-founders in the project! And all own 9.09% shares of the future company. We want to test the idea of not-boring surveys. We believe that Tinder-style swipable cards offer a perfect UX for users. It can be users to test various ideas: pick a logo, test a new UI, do market research, perform an exit survey to reduce churn etc etc. We offer an affordable price of $8 ($4 per month for PH users) per month for unlimited white-label surveys. Free users can create only 1 survey. So welcome! We really hope that MetaSurvey will help you to engage your users and give valuable insights. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we are super open.
Very inspiring and shows that team work can do wonders! Product looks super cool. Will try it out for visa list!
I like the idea of disrupting survey space. Great companies are here (Typeform, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms) but they fail to innovate. I think that form-based survey experience is out of date and response rates are low. So I glad to help ideation, creation and growing Metasurvey as a marketer.
Cool product guys! I can imagine many people paying for this once it is developed out a bit more. I tried to create one, but could not get it to generate more than 1 question. The UI seems to still need some work, but good overall concept. I think you'll need to differentiate from Typeform and create new value to really convert your first users. Keep building, brothers! ^^
@titusdecali Hey buddy thanks for the support! 😗 We have tested the functionality on multiple laptops (we have plenty of environments here since we are launching the product all together). But we could not reproduce the problem. Could you please elaborate your steps and give some details on your browser and operating system?
I was absent on the development of this product, but I was pleased to participate in zero-day of this hackathon when we generated ideas. It was a useful experience. E.g. I understood, that you need to create some direction frame your thinking for brainstorm (industry/market, problem, capabilities etc.). You can't do brainstorming in absolute freedom of choice of ideas for the project.