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#3 Product of the DayMarch 25, 2015
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WOW. This could be iOS 3rd party keyboards done right. Awesome to see Giphy, Ultratext, and Camera supporting this on launch.
@rrhoover Killer feature
Interesting that in order to be a featured partner, an application must: - Make your app exclusively for Messenger. - Limit sharing actions to Messenger’s Send button and Save to Camera Roll. - Make any editing and composition tools lightweight. - Minimize the number of steps between opening and sending. - Use Messenger Send button whenever you initiate a send to Messenger. - See Brand Guidelines. This seems like a lot of control for an application developer to cede. Facebook will have to measure and demonstrate very high value in exchange for exclusive distribution rights. Source:
Big day, which marks a big shift away from the focus being on the main social network and now being on Messenger. It seems to me like Messenger is the focus here on out and with this new platform I can see that it might get bigger than the core service ever was.
@ow well said. Who do you think is Facebook's biggest threat?
@ow @rrhoover I think this is a move against Line, but it must have been in the works since before stickers were introduced (since stickers were clearly a test for this).
@ow I think we thought similar about graph search when it came out. Facebook will follow the engaged users, imo, wherever they happen to be.
This is big for Messenger and FB. The foundation's been set, and now it's time to build. Super underrated app. I wonder if this would've been much trickier if Messenger stayed within the FB app.
@jeffsoo I keep waiting for Snapchat to announce an open API, but we might be a year or more from. cc @evanspiegel :)
Great defensive move by FB to combat Line's planned US expansion. A lot of cool integrations already in place and so many more are possible. A little concerned with the third-party app discovery quickly becoming too convoluted and noisy (looks like it's there already IMO). As makers try to tap into the 600M FBM users, is FB going to have to create a secondary "app store" within FBM to organize all the integrations?