Messenger Kids

A Facebook video and messaging app for kids


Messenger Kids is a free video chat & messaging app built for kids. Connect with parent-approved family & friends from a tablet or smartphone today.

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Alexandru Paduraru
Jaimin Patel
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  • Jaimin Patel
    Jaimin PatelEngineering, TuvaLabs

    early entry in messaging eco system


    Not see much of actual use than taking time away from doing other things.

    Not sure how its helping kids in what they are doing today. I think anyway outdoor time is taking toll as they spent more time in front of screen. (Personal choice thing) Good for facebook for sure, but not too sure if it brings any good to the end users.

    Jaimin Patel has never used this product.
  • Britton Winterrose
    Britton WinterroseI build stuff and do Data Science

    My 18 month old daughter uses iMessage & Facetime to talk to her relatives and me whenever she feels like. Now the non IOS family can too.


    iMessage works great on my old iPhone with a lifeproof case, but we've got a few Android defectors that can't message her.

    My love of tech started young, and I am all for my children building digital communication skills including photography & illustration. Since my family lives away from most of our relatives its also a great way for my daughter to get to interact with her grandparents and great grandparents.

    Britton Winterrose has used this product for one day.
  • Elena Avramenko
    Elena AvramenkoCo-Founder at PopAppFactory

    It is convenient for the parents who use FB messenger as main messaging tool


    I am a parent who is completely against extensive social-networking for my child till 13 years old

    I have my own attitude to the digital communication of my child. I truly believe that till 13th child should concentrate on education and shouldn't be distracted by peers via digital tools. However, parents definitely need to have their own channel to communicate with their children, but only in the case of need.

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  • Bobby Anderson
    Bobby AndersonFreelance UI/UX Visual Designer



    It doesn't take a genius to figure that out

    The creation and acceptance of this application is deeply worrying. Kids are already over exposed to social media and being online 24/7 - this will only make things worse. An awful idea.

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  • Lisa Ladley
    Lisa LadleyAccounting Professional

    Parental controls are great!


    Some kids may spend too long playing on it.

    My daughter gets very involved when she's texting with her friends. I hope there are time limit abilities?

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