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Beautiful Mac, Linux & Windows client for Facebook Messenger

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Régis Freyd
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  • Régis Freyd
    Régis FreydFounder of Monica, personal CRM

    Nice wrapper but...


    It has installed MacKeeper silently during installation.

    While the marketing site is well done, it's the first time I've let another program install some malware on my computer. I should have been more cautious.

    Régis Freyd has used this product for one day.
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    Install shits with the app

    Even if you choose advanced install to make sure it does not install shitty stuffs you don't want, it still install MacKeeper??? I wonder what other shits are being installed without you knowing about it. If I could downvote this app, I would seriously do it

    Trash this shit and install Goofy instead (

    Ktryn Dchrs has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Yean i like it


    but there are some bugs here and there

    And I havent got any adware installed or anything.


    - Window resets after reopening app

    - After windows shut down, app forgots settings you changed

    - Default windows sound is playid with Notification (you can turn this off in windows Notifications setting menu)

    Robert Kristian Pucovsky has used this product for one year.
  • Amanda Folson
    Amanda FolsonDeveloper Relations Manager, Nexmo



    Forced to install MacKeeper as part of EULA

    Tried to install this despite the warning about MacKeeper, but apparently there's no way to opt out of the installation of MacKeeper on OSX. Nver got beyond accepting the EULA because it stats that agreeing to the EULA means you agree to install MacKeeper.

    Amanda Folson has never used this product.