Messenger Demo Viewer

Demo (bot) interactions without showing personal chats

Messenger Demo Viewer is a free cross-platform and open source Facebook Messenger viewer that hides your sidebar by default. To show or hide the sidebar, press cmd/ctrl + b.




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Kilian ValkhofMaker@kilianvalkhof · UX Developer
hey everyone! As a bot developer I often feel self-conscious when demoing my bot, because people can see my personal chats in the sidebar. I could use the browser developer tools to hide it everytime I do a demo, but instead I created an app that does it for me, and decided to give it away for free :)
Chris MessinaPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@kilianvalkhof brilliant!
Tijs Teulings@_tijs · Technologist, Backspace Studio
@kilianvalkhof good stuff man. thanks.
Oisin Ryan@redoisin · Founder @ServiceDock, Dublin, Ireland
Vernon Ross@rosspr · CEO, Social Strategy Podcast
Ariel JalaliHiring@arieljalali · Co-founder, Sensay | @sensay
thanks for contributing this to the community!